Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Collapse of CTV Building Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Collapse of CTV Building - Assignment Example The governments of several countries are motivating the organizations to follow proper business policies in order to improve countries’ business environment. This study will focus on the collapse of CTV building during the 2011 Christchurch earthquake. The study will try to find out several other reasons behind the collapse of this building. Collapse of CTV Building Introduction CTV Building was the headquarters of several leading organizations including Canterbury Television. This building was established in the Christchurch Central City (Kunstler, 2005). The CTV building became one of the significant symbols of 2011 Christchurch earthquake. 115 people lost their lives due to the collapse of CTV building during the earthquake. A series of construction, council, decision making, and engineering related errors over the last 20 years caused the catastrophic collapse of the CTV building. Prime Minister John Key ordered to set up the Royal Commission in order to investigate this i ncident. According to several reports it can be stated that the collapse of CTV building was the biggest life-taking incident. The Royal Commission stated that the CTV building’s engineering design was deficient in several ways. This building was not developed according to the appropriate standards. Therefore, Christchurch City Council did not make a right decision by issuing a building permit for CTV building. During the construction of the office block, it was found that the construction had been inadequately supervised by the appointed construction manager (Wilson, 2012). This study will identify the stakeholders and key role players associated with CTV Building and its consequences. Moreover, this study will critically analyze and evaluate the key management and several organizational factors associated with the critical incident. Analysis of the Case Study The government of New Zealand is trying to find legal reasons behind the collapse of this building. First of all, th e government has stated in the report of the Royal Commission that the construction plan was not created according to the standard level. The Royal Commission has concluded that serious deficiencies in its construction and design are the major reasons behind the accident (Figure 1). CTV building did not meet the standard construction criteria. Moreover, the designing engineer constructed the building out of his depth (Stursberg, 2012). Moreover, as for the council staff that inspected this building after the incident of the earthquake, none of them were the engineers. The Construction and Building Minister said that the report of the commissions would be handed over to the professional engineers’ institute. The government wanted to find out the level of corruption and crime associated with the collapse of CTV building (Xu, 2012). Alan Reay Consultants Ltd. were in charge of CTV building construction. The commission blamed the groups for establishing a noncompliant and inadequ ate design (Figure 2). Moreover, the council stated that city officials were also responsible for the incident as they had not sent notice to the owner of the building. According to the report, the building got a green sticker after the earthquake of 2010. Signalling authorities gave it thumbs up for the individuals to use in future. Identify the Roles of Key Role Players and Stakeholders The owner and principle engineer did not follow the legal aspects. The principle engineer

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